X-Men: Schism is a series of comics containing five issues, about the division of 


This is the cover of one of the X-Men: Schism comics.

Utopia between Woverine, and Cyclops.


The series was first announced by senior editor Nick Lowe, on March 4, 2011.

The series brought many changes and repercussions to the series, and includes the end, and later re-launch of The Uncanny X-Men series.


Schism mainly deals with Wolverine leading a large amount of the X-Men away from Utopia, to found the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, Which leaves Cyclops to govern the rest. Many of whom, later come to form the Extinction Team. Cyclops notes that there has always been hate against mutants, by humans, and that the X-Men's actions had never really changed their outlook on them. So, Summer proposes a team to help save humanity on a larger scale, in order to make the humans feel that mutants were needed. That became the Extinction Team.

It was a definite split between the X-Men, and led to a new status quo, in the X-Men: Regenisis storyline.

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