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Article naming for Characters and Alternate realities

As I'm sure we are all aware, Marvel (especially X-Men) contains a multitude of alternate realities so this raises the question of how we cover this. We could: A) create an article for each reality and set up disambiguation pages for each character or B) mention alternate versions in one article mainly focused on the mainstream continuity or C) other.

This brings us on to the naming of the articles. Should we call them by the characters' real names, current aliases or most widely recognised aliases? And again if we go for creating an article for each reality do we call them "Ultimate __________" or "____________ (Earth-1610)". I think if we go this route it makes most sense to use a format similar to that of the Marvel database.

Hopefully we can come to a decision on how to make this complex universe just that much easier to follow on our wiki!

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