Sky Slums of Chandilar
General Information
Official name: Sky Slums of Chandilar
Alias(es): Sky Slums of Chandilar
First appearance: Wolverine and the X-Men Vol 1 13
Created by: Jason Aaron
Nick Bradshaw
Location Information
Universe: Earth-616
Galaxy: Shi'ar galaxy
Star System: Chandilar
Planet: Chandilar



The Sky Slums of Chandilar was a floating city located on the Shi'ar throneworld of Chandilar. These were a series of high shanties where there was scant food or even air for its inhabitants. Those children living in these areas dreamed of earning the right to walk on the sacred surface of the throneworld. This was because the surface of the planet was reserved only for the wealthy and ground born elite.

Born WarbirdEdit

Several months ago before Warbird was assigned to Earth, the Ava'Dara Naganandini was assigned on a mission to the Sky Slums on a mission. This came after torture priests determined intelligence that there was a terrorist cell located in the area. Thus, they sent Delta-Grade Warbird Naganadini on a mission to eliminate the terrorists or die in the high shanties. She ultimately managed to succeed in her task but allowed an child to go free after feeling mercy for the alien.


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