Sheva Strain
General Information
Official name: Sheva Strain
Type: Virus
Used by: Weapon X
First appearance: X2: Wolverine's Revenge
Created by: Larry Hama



The Sheva Strain was a viral pathogen that was developed by the Weapon X Program and used by Professor Truett Hudson on the test subjects at the facility. The aim of the project was the creation of supersoldiers from Mutants that possessed a healing factor. This strain was cultivated to serve as a failsafe by the Program to better control their subjects. The Sheva Strain was highly adaptable and lethal with it being capable of killing a normal Human in a single year. It was in use by 1968 where it was introduced into the body of Wolverine when he was abducted by the Program for Experiment X. When Logan managed to escape, he confronted the Professor with the intention of killing him whereupon Hudson revealed that all Weapon X subjects were implanted with a dormant deadly virus in the form of the Sheva Strain. Wolverine asked how long he had to live to which the Professor stated that his healing factor meant that he was not sure how long it would take to kill a Mutant such as Logan.

Despite this being the case, Logan would depart the facility and come to believe that the Professor was lying about the virus. In addition, Sabretooth was known to had been another Mutant that had been infected with the Sheva Strain.

Wolverine's RevengeEdit

By 2003, Logan revealed the existence of the virus to Beast after he joined the X-Men, McCoy would state that the pathogen had bypassed his Mutant healing factor and was going to kill him within two days time - the day of his birthday. This led to Charles Xavier agreeing to send Logan on a mission to the Weapon X facility to find a cure. Fighting numerous soldiers of the Program, he managed to enter into The Void where he defeated Sabretooth who provided him with Part B of the cure for the virus. Wolverine would later manage to find Dr. Abraham Cornelius and Dr. Carol Hines with the former providing Logan with Part A of the formula for the cure. After destroying the Void's psychic screen, the cure was transmitted to Professor X who had Beast synthesize the cure for the Sheva Strain Virus. Rogue would be dispatched to provide the formula to Wolverine who was cured of the pathogen and allowed to return home.

In addition, Lady Deathstrike provided a vial containing the cure to Sabretooth who departed with her for parts unknown.


  • The Sheva Strain is only present in the video game, X2: Wolverine's Revenge and has not featured in the mainstream comic universe.


  • The virus could possibly be named after the S.H.I.V.A. robot operated by Weapon X.


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