General Information
Official name: Psimitar
Type: Weapon
Used by: Askani
First appearance: Askani'Son #3
Created by: TBA



Psimitar lances were weapons that responded to psionic users and developed by Mutants in one possible future timeline. In the hands of a trained user, they were able to discharge energy blasts. Their effectiveness saw them as being considered sacred weapons to the Clan Askani cult where it was said to take years of study for one to use them.

In a dark future conquered by Apocalypse, Psimitar lances were considered outlawed weapons. A young Nathan Summers encountered one in the hands of Aliya Dayspring and questioned her on holding such a weapon. He would later take the lance and fight attacking Loci insectoids at Ebonshire before returning it to her. This act shocked Aliyah as she believed Summers to be a pirate and was surprised that an outsider could use the Askani's signature weapon.


When Blaquesmith was separated from Cable, he encountered the Dark Sisterhood who approached him. This female group of Mutants seemingly held similar ideals as his own in freeing the oppressed. As a result, Blaquesmith secretly provided the Dark Sisterhood with Psimitar weapons who became trained in its use. Nathan Summers was completely unaware of this matter when he began targeting the Sisterhoood. He managed to find one of their members by the name of Bonnie but was surprised when she pulled out a Psimitar and fired it at him. This led to him coming to the conclusion that his old mentor had provided the weapon and confronted Blaquesmith about it. His mentor would reveal his part where he revealed his regret in his part in the matter as he did not realise that the Dark Mother was the leader of the Sisterhood.

Hope Summers was transported to a possible future by Blaquesmith where she met an adult version of herself. They revealed that an unknown apocalypse led to a ruined future for the world. This led to the adult Hope and Blaquesmith used time travel technology to implant knowledge directly into the mind of Cable. Thus, he was given a mission of changing the past and altering the apocalyptic future. However, the process was overloading his mind and threatening to kill him. This led to Blaquesmith taking the young Hope Summers to the future and telling her on what to do. They equipped her with a Psimitar which she used on Cable when his psionic powers overloaded and provided a release valve for the excess energy.


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