Team Information
Founder(s): TBA
Leader(s): TBA
Status: Active
Base(s) of Operations: White Sky
First appearance: Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 25
Created by: Rick Remender
Mike McKone



The Omega Clan was a trio of superpowered beings developed to be assassins at the White Sky. At the White Sky, they developed crafted assassins for the field of corporate espionage and assassinations. It was determined that the best motivation for such agents was implanting them with artificial memories in order to inspire them in their actions. These three superbeings were considered the most expensive of the White Sky's assassin's as they were derived from the actual remains of Omega Red. They were purchased by an unknown buyer and underwent programming to cultivate a growing hatred for their new targets. They intended to get revenge for what they believed was the suffering perpetrated against their parents.

Final ExecutionEdit

In 2012, Deadpool was dispatched by X-Force to investigate a business that was turning Humans into living weapons. He infiltrated the group by disguising himself as a potential dealer where he was shown into the showroom. Once there, he encountered the three empty containers that held the decanted Omega Clan. When inquiring about them, his host revealed that they had been purchased and had been dispatched to attack their new targets. Furthermore, she revealed that she knew he was Deadpool leading to the Clan attacking him. Afterwards, Wolverine and Nightcrawler arrived where a scared Deadpool was running away where he warned Logan to run. At that point, he was confronted by the Omega Clan who claimed that they wanted to get revenge for their parents. They revealed to Wolverine that for his foul misdeeds that they would get retribution as the death of their family brought about the rise of a new one in the Omega Clan. After Wolverine and his allies escaped, the Omega Clan later left to join a new incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants that was being led by Daken. Their new mission thus became the capture of Evan and transforming him into Apocalypse. The Clan were later present at the Brotherhood base when Deadpool attempted to save Evan. However, Evan betrayed Deadpool and the Omega Clan battled Wolverine who managed to enter into a berserker rage where they viciously attacked all the Brotherhood members. Despite this advantage, Wolverine was betrayed by Kurt Darkholme who had arrived at the scene with Mystique. Omega Red and Omega White were seemingly killed in the final battle whilst Omega Black's mind was wiped by Psylocke who trapped the Shadow King's mind within the empty body.



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  • During an interview with Rick Remender, he revealed that Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 25 will mark the introduction of the Omega Clan that are built from the remains of Omega Red and operated from the White Sky. He commented that the Clan had similar powers to Omega Red and their shop was where one can shop for "the type of assassin you want" and other goodies. [1]


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