General Information
Official name: Nano-Sentinels
Type: Weapon
Used by: Sentinels
Cassandra Nova Xavier
First appearance: New X-Men Vol 1 123
Created by: Grant Morrison
Ethan Van Sciver
Tom Derenick



Nano-Sentinels were a various of Sentinel technology that was originally constructed by Bolivar Trask. Unlike normal Sentinels, these were microscopic nanomachines that were that were constructed by Wild Sentinels. They were bacterial killing machines with billions being designed to be unleashed into the bloodstream of Mutants with these miniaturized machines functioning by literally eating away at their cells from the inside. Those infected by these Micro-Sentinels were initially completely unaware of their existence where they began creating flu-like symptoms within their hosts as well as making them feel gradually weaker by attacking the white cell immune structures as time passed on. To prevent them from being combated by medicine, these microscopic Sentinel machines were resistant to most known antibiotics.


These Sentinel machines remained dormant in Ecuador where they resided within the Master Mold that was built by Bolivar Trask. The Mummudrai known as Cassandra Nova Xavier learnt of the Master Mold and abducted Donald Trask III in order to use his DNA to take over the machines. After which, she intended to eliminate the Mutant race though was seemingly defeated but secretly she unleashed Nano-Sentinels into the air that infected the X-Men when her blood was split on them. Doctor Henry McCoy later discovered the truth of the Nano-Sentinels existence after studying the virus that was seemingly affecting the Mutants at the Xavier Institute.

After revealing it to Jean Grey, the campus came under attack at the hands of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard led by Gladiator who were tricked by Cassandra Nova into attacking the X-Men. Upon learning of this deception, he decided to help the Mutants and his micro-vision later confirmed that Jean Grey's body was infested with ten million active machines that was dismantling her body's immune system. Whilst the Shi'ar Imperial Guard delayed Cassandra Nova, Scott Summers along with Xorn arrived at the Institute where Cyclops learnt that he was also infected with the Sentinel machines whilst his wife Jean was now suffering from septicaemia. It was only the action of Xorn did the Nano-Sentinel infections get purged from the X-Men.


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