The Mahapralaya.



Mahapralaya was a destined event believed by Haven to impact the planet Earth during the 20th century. Radha Dastoor first came to believe in the Mahapralaya following what she claimed to be a divine vision. This moment was claimed by Dastoor to be a solution to the problem dividing Humans and Mutants. According to Haven, the two were not separate species but one and the same. She claimed that mutations that were seen by Humans was the first act in an evolutionary step that would herald a new golden age for mankind. This process was expected to transform the entire Human race and believed to come about within seven hundred years. Preceding the transformation would be the Mahaprayala, a series of extraordinary disasters that would be both natural and man-made. During this event, the majority of the planet's population would perish but their deaths would leave the seed of a New Humanity.

However, Radha Dastoor believed that the process to the coming of New Humanity would be too long to wait. Thus, she decided to hasten the process by bringing the disasters of the Mahapralaya to the present. The early arrival of these disasters was believed by Haven to bring about the new golden age much quicker. As such, she formed an organization that consisted of devoted followers who intended to bring about a global chaos the likes of which had never been seen before. Dastoor's operatives would be sent forth to fan the flames of political unrest to an alarming number of countries where riots, revolts and full-scale war were incited. In addition, some of her scientists developed successes in efffecting changes to weather patterns and other natural phenomena that created devastating earthquakes, floods as well as famines. Dastoor felt that these hosts of plagues were destined to purify the planet Earth


Knowledge of the Mahapralaya came to the attention of X-Factor during their investigation of Haven as they United States government claimed she was a terrorist. Havok and Forge would brief the team about the goals of Dastoor by bringing about the Mahapralaya though Polaris did not believe the intelligence reports.


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