Madripoor Set
General Information
Official name: Madripoor Set
Type: Items
Used by: TBA
First appearance: X-Treme X-Men Vol 1 10
Created by: Chris Claremont
Salvador Larroca



The Madripoor Set was a collection of ancient gemstones with a ruby acting as its keystone. By the modern age, none truly knew the origins of the stone with a temple in one of the principalities on Madripoor holding the only reference to them. This temple stated that they contained a terrible power within them with legend claiming that they were capable of terrible acts of destruction. The individual gems held the ability to open portals between dimensions after the user was trained though this ability was limited. Legends would state that the last time they were an active Set that the lands of Atlantis fell.

Retrieval of the gemstones was an active priority of the Thieves Guild who stole the stones whenever someone collected more than one. Members of the Monroe family were known to hold the keystone ruby that had been passed from their family from one generation to another. This passed all the way into the hands of Storm by her mother though she was unaware of it being part of a set. The Viceroy was also known to had held one of the gems within his possession by the early 21st century.

Keys to The KingdomEdit

In 2002, Gambit began working to recover the Set which attracted the attention of Sage who inquired why he was assembling the gemstones.


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