Commander K'illace
General Information
Real name: K'illace
Alias(es): K'illace
First Appearance: X-Men Unlimited Vol 1 13
Created by: George Pérez
Jorge Gonzales
Affiliations: Shi'ar Imperium
Powers/Abilities: See: Powers
Portrayed by:



K'illace was a male member of the Shi'ar species who lived within the Shi'ar Imperium. His rise within the Shi'ar empire saw him reach the position of commander. At some point, he came to serve the Royal House of Neramani and became a subject of Deathbird. His ruler eventually became the acting viceroy of the conquered Kree territories. This Shi'ar was seemingly a completely loyal soldier to his liege and did not brook any disrespect to Deathbird. Commander K'illace's master eventually learnt that Carol Danvers who was the superhero Binary was rampaging out of control. Thus, Deathbird decreed that this great danger needed to be dealt with before it could threaten the Imperium. This was because Binary was a being of great cosmic power and her power was such that she was perfectly capable of bringing about the demise of all life within the sector. As a result, K'illace was sent to complete this task and took the cruiser War Cry to travel to Earth.

Fugitive from Space!Edit

Upon arriving on Earth, K'illace proceeded to disable the out of control Binary who was fighting the X-Men. Once defeated, he teleported into the scene and introduced himself to the Mutants who were untrusting of the Shi'ar due to Deathbird's involvement. He was fighting the Mutants where they injured him during their confrontation. When the War Cry was departing, the X-Men was forcibly abducted and teleported onto the Shi'ar battle cruiser. They were kept under armed guard as they assessed the extent of damages the X-Men had done to the Imperium. Ultimatley, Viceroy Deathbird decreed that the X-Men were co-conspirators with Binary and stated that the Mutants were to be executed immediately. However, the Shi'ar warriors onboard the War Cry were swiftly defeated by the five Mutants and Deathbird thought that it was a grave mistaken of K'illace to teleport the X-Men aboard his battle cruiser. She also thought that she would never had allowed such an order to take place had she been aware of it at the time. As a result, she decided to initiate the vessels's self destruct sequence in order to destroy it and her enemies. However, her orders were countermanded by Lilandra Neramani who stated that she had summoned the Mutants to aid the Imperium against another threat.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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