Imperial Shockers
Team Information
Founder(s): Shi'ar
Leader(s): Unknown
Status: Unknown
Base(s) of Operations:
First appearance: Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 477
Created by:



The Imperial Shockers were cyborg warriors of the Shi'ar Empire that were experiments conducted on prisoners that turned them into lethal killing machines. These individuals were forcibly put through the process and stationed at secret facilities to be activated in cases where intruders had entered Shi'ar installations. Upon awakened, they were deployed on assignments and kept alive through a device in their brain despite their own desire for death to escape this punishment. Imperial Shockers did not feel pain and were equipped with optical scanners to register the level of threat from their enemies and were fast enough to battle strong Mutants. They also had the ability to discharge energy blasts that inflicted a collapsing energy field on a target designed to kill them.

Three Imperial Shockers were stationed at Erik the Red's Shi'ar base on Earth and kept in stasis. When Charles Xavier discovered the base, he along with a select number of X-Men journeyed there to find a space capable vessel in order to pursue Vulcan. Upon entering the facility, they were attacked by the Imperial Shockers and were forced to destroy the cyborgs thus freeing them from their eternal fate.



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