Hibernation Chamber
General Information
Official name: Hibernation Chamber
Type: Device
Used by: Apocalypse
First appearance: Cable Vol 1 50
Created by: James Robinson
Jose Ladronn



A Hibernation Chamber was a cocoon shaped sarcophagus type devices that were used by Apocalypse. It was described as being quite alien in nature and was far beyond the scope of Human knowledge. Numerous such chambers were present in En Sabah Nur's lair located in the Himalayas though they were all empty by the modern age. The hibernation mechanisms took effect once an occupant entered into the cocoon. They were able to withstand a great deal of damage and still function. These machines were able to keep their users alive for centuries and awakened the occupant at appointed times. In addition, some of these cocoons were able to transform normal Humans into superpowered beings. Such a process took centuries to accomplish and these devices worked slowly transform their occupants as well as reprogram their minds. As such, normal Humans were completely transformed in both mind and personality once going through time in a Hibernation Chamber.

Sign of The End of TimesEdit


The Human Harbinger being placed in the Chamber.

In 1859, Apocalypse had one of these machines located in London where he captured a Human spy of Nathaniel Essex. Easily overpowering the Human, he took him into one of these cocoons and forcibly placed him within it against his will. Once inside, he went into a deep slumber where the device began to slowly transform his body and mind into a superpowered being that En Sabah Nur would call the Harbinger of Apocalypse. The sleeping Harbinger would remain within Hibernation Chamber for across the 19th to 20th century where it fell under the possession of Sir Harry Manners of the Hellfire Club. They were aware that the machine contained a powerful servant of Apocalypse and intended to unleash its power to devastate London but were unable to open it. This remained the case for a century until Sebastian Shaw managed to gather the services of the mysterious Ch'vayre who claimed knowledge of the cocoon. Using Hellfire Club resources, they were able to open the device in 1998 and allowed the Harbinger of Apocalypse to awaken from its slumber.

After the incident, the Hellfire Club conducted an operation to assault Apocalypse's Himalayas lair in order to plunder the technology present in the site. Using Ch'vayre, they were able to pass through the defenses and discovered numerous empty hibernation cocoons. At that point, Cable attacked in order to prevent Shaw from accomplishing this goal. During the fight, Sebastian Shaw in his anger at Ch'vayre's comments decided to place the time traveller within one of the chambers. Nathan Summers later attempted to free Ch'vayre but was unable to open up the cocoon. The time traveller told Cable not to worry and that he was going to sleep for centuries whereupon Summers had to depart the scene.


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