Grey Genome
General Information
Official name: Grey Genome
Type: Item
Used by: Grey Family
First appearance: Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 466
Created by: Chris Claremont
Chris Bachalo



The Grey Genome was a genetic sequence present within the Grey Family indicated that the individuals were relatives of Jean Grey. It came to identify all members of the Grey Family who were either ancestors or descendants of Grey herself. This included both the maternal and paternal line who all held the same genetic material. The importance of the Grey Genome came when Jean Grey herself was bonded with the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force. This act forever linked her to becoming the physical embodiment and avatar of the Phoenix. As a result, the entity often sought out her or those closest to her as prospective hosts to its might. This meant that the entire Grey Genome served as possible hosts to the Phoenix Force.

End of GreysEdit

In 2006, the Shi'ar Imperium decided to conduct a purge of the Grey Genome in order to eliminate the threat of the Phoenix taking a new host. Such a purge had similarly been conducted to the family of Korvus Rook'shir when one of his line had become one with the Phoenix Force. Thus, the Shi'ar Majestrix ordered the Shi'ar Death Commandos into operation on Earth to eliminate all carriers of the Grey Genome to prevent the Phoenix from emerging again which would become a threat to the Imperium. Thus, the Death Commandos ruthlessly eliminated the entire Grey family with the only survivors being Rachel Summers and her alternate reality brother Cable. This act caused her to vow vengeance against the entire Shi'ar Empire for the execution of her family bloodline.


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  • Among the only survivors carrying the Grey Genome would be Rachel Summers, Nathan Summers and Nate Grey who are all children of Jean Grey.