Cult of Fire
Team Information
Founder(s): Selene
Leader(s): Selene
Status: Defunct
Base(s) of Operations: Nova Roma
First appearance: New Mutants Vol 1 10
Created by: Chris Claremont
Sal Buscema



The Cult of Fire was an ancient sect of Humans that populated the hidden city of Nova Roma located in the Amazon Rainforest. These Romans possessed a hidden sanctuary for their practices that was a cavern with a large pit filled with magma. Its members worshipped the Mutant Selene who had long resided with them and had in fact lived for thousands of years. Being her loyal followers, the Cult of Fire sought to sacrifice selected women and consign them into the eternal flame in exchange for continued long life. Her position meant that she was known as the Black Priestess of the Cult of Fire and used her psionic talents to cause young women to fall willingly into the volcanic flames in order to use their lifeforce to nourish herself. Thus, the Cult of Fire often took their share of any intruders that were captured by the inhabitants of Nova Roma. At some point, Amara's father sent her into the rainforest so that she could hide amongst the Amazons - other women who fled Nova Roma to escape the Cult of Fire.

Goddess of the MoonEdit

In the modern age, the New Mutants who were in the Andes and passed by the Amazon Rainforests encountered a young Amara. The group were captured by centurions from Nova Roma where the men were taken to be gladiators whilst the women to the auctions. During this time, the Cult of Fire took Amara, another slave and Danielle Moonstar to their secret sanctuary in order to sacrifice them to Selene. Using her dark magic, the immortal Mutant appeared and used her mental abilities to cause one girl to plummet into the fiery pit. Afterwards, she fought Dani Moonstar and later threw Amara into the fiery pit only for the young girls X-Gene to activate turning her into Magma. The effort to subdue Magma and Moonstar led to Selene's youth being exhaused and forced her to sacrifice her own cultists in order to re-invigorate herself. Causing the walls to move at her command, Selene toppled the Cult of Fire into the volcanic pit despite their pleas for mercy and their life energy was used to empower the Black Priestess once more.



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