Center for Homo Superior Research and Medical Care
General Information
Official name: Center for Homo Superior Research and Medical Care
Alias(es): N/A
First appearance: Weapon X Vol 2 26
Created by: Frank Tieri
Tom Mandrake
Location Information
Universe: Earth 616
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol
Planet: Earth
Country: America
State: Unknown
Locale: Unknown



The Center for Homo Superior Research and Medical Care was an institution established within North American in order to help and treat Mutants with dangerous conditions. At some point after the Weapon X Program disappeared, Mister Sinister in his guise as Doctor Robert Windsor relocated to the Center where he became the facility's head. There, he masqueraded under the guise of a benevolent Human doctor that sought to treat Mutants whilst actually using them as part of his experiments in breeding the perfect Mutant. At his side was Scalphunter and one of The Children namely the first of their kind who went by the name of Hans. Whilst hidden from the world at large, Megacorp learnt of Essex's new operation and Mr Tomes under the direction of the head of the company, Michael Grand bought the services of Sabretooth to apprehend Mister Sinister.

Man and MonstersEdit

At the time, Essex as Windsor was treating Louis Dodson - a young Mutant boy with the power over ice with this ability causing the very air he breathed to freeze. Sensing that the child had the potential of becoming one of the most powerful Mutants on the planet, Doctor Robert Windsor convinced the parents to let the child "die" rather then be forced to live in a containment vessel to keep the air heated which would eventually not be able to work. By forcing the parents to abandon the child, Essex desired the boy to live up to his full potential without the parents intefering in his plans. As such, he ordered Scalphunter to prepare the tent so that they could take Louis Dodson with them. By this point, Creed arrived and was ready to battle Mister Sinister in order to apprehend him for his employers. But Essex simply dispatched Hans to deal with Sabretooth and ordered his creation to take the battle outside so that the conflict would not damage the sensitive medical equipment within the laboratory.

This opportunity allowed Essex along with Scalphunter to escape to one of Mister Sinister's secret strongholds whilst he abandoned his identity as Windsor at the Center.


  • The fate of the Center following Decimation is unknown and its not known whether the facility is still operational.


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