Breeder Class Nanos
General Information
Official name: Breeder Class Nanos
Type: Bomb
Used by: Bastion
Operation: Zero Tolerance
First appearance: X-Men Vol 2 70
Created by:



Breeder Class Nanos were an example of autonomous nanotechnology that were assembled in a breeder configuration. It was considered a product of nanotechnology which were essentially millions of microscopic machines that were working as one. They functioned by being implanted within the body where they reproduced at a high rate with their offspring continuing the process. One of the effects of this fast rate nanotech reproduction was that it was capable of entombing an entire three mile radius in grey goo in a two second period. One of the applications of these nano-effusive devices was hiding them within circulatory system of a host body until an awakening event where they assembled into an explosive device. Such bombs when implanted within the body were actually capable of moving as if they were alive. Any resultant bomb were composed of ceramics and high density plastics thus preventing any ferrokinetics from removing them from the host. Furthermore, any migration from the host body was a risky process as treatment required the removal of every microscopic breeder as even a single unit remaining was capable of restarting the process once again. Once in the detonation phase, the device did not technically explode but expanded to the point that it crushed anything within its wake. Thus, in its assembled form, it was capable of holding three thousand tons of matter.



Assembled bomb devoured by Maggott's slug.

During Wolverine's time in shadow-ops, he claimed he encountered the technology used in creating Breeder Class Nanos which were classed as being black box level stuff. After the activation of Operation: Zero Tolerance, the X-Men were captured by Bastion's forces and held in detention. During this time, a Breeder Class Nano bomb was implanted within the body of Cyclops without his knowledge. The X-Men ultimately escaped and managed to shut down the Prime Sentinels Prospero Clinic facility when Scott Summers began experiencing the effects of the nanotech causing him to collapse. His comrades took him to the Xavier Institute for Gifted Children when they learnt that a bomb had been placed within him. Upon arriving at the Institute, they enlisted the aid of Dr. Cecilia Reyes who commenced a surgery to remove the bomb. During this time, the Breeder Class Nanos were fighting Jean Grey's telekinesis in order to complete their mission of self-assembly where they were situated in the peritoneal cavity in the pre-detonation phase. The strain from the process eventually overwhelmed Jean's concentration causing her to weaken her telepathic dampening on Scott that caused him to remain asleep during the surgery. Joseph only managed to switch off Summers pain receptors but the devices composition prevented him from magnetically removing it. Ultimately, Cecilia Reyes managed to remove the device where recently introduced Mutant called Maggott had one of his slugs devour it without any harm to anyone.


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