Arsturo 'Kle
General Information
Official name: Arsturo 'Kle
Alias(es): Prime Moon of the Shi'ar Throneworld
First appearance: Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 343
Created by: Scott Lobdell
Joe Madureira
Salvador Larroca
Location Information
Universe: Earth-616
Galaxy: Shi'ar Home Galaxy
Star System: Chandilar system
Planet: Chandilar
Country: N/A
State: N/A
Locale: N/A



Arsturo 'Kle was a moon of the Shi'ar Throneworld of Chandilar located within the Shi'ar galaxy itself. It was described as being the Throneworld's most distant moon and debris was capable of being missed in its shadow. At some point, the Shi'ar Imperium expanded to the stars and colonized this moon that orbited their homeworld. A transporter hut was also established on its surface within an outpost that provided anyone a means of teleportation directly to the homeworld's surface. This facility was noted as being one of the few structures present on the moon's otherwise desolate surface. The structure was in fact a mining facility that automatically allowed travelers into its docking bay. The station functioned as a safehouse for Deathbird when she opposed her sister Lilandra Neramani.

By the late 20th century, the moon along with the rest of the Shi'ar empire was conquered by the ravenous Techno-Organic race of beings known as the Phalanx Dominion. This saw their conquest of Chandilar itself and a Phalanx Cruiser was known to had patrolled the furthest port from the Throneworld which intercepted any ships heading towards it.

Where No X-Man Has Gone Before!Edit

In 1997, Gladiator survived an attack from the Phalanx and escaped to Earth where he forcibly abducted members of the X-Men where he transported them to a Royal Cruiser that was sent towards Shi'ar space. The vessel later encountered Starstation A'Sura Tarrel where they met with Deathbird of the Royal Family who revealed the threat of the Phalanx Dominion. The X-Men thus travelled to Chandilar in order to defeat them and Beast suggested riding the debris of the Royal Cruiser so that they could make a stealth drop onto Arsturo 'Kle where they would use a transporter to make their way to Chandilar itself in secret. Deathbird assured the X-Men that the abandoned mining station would allow them entry and used a make-shift escape pod created by Joseph to enter the facility. From there, they managed to escape Phalanx attention and arrive on Chandilar.


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