Apocalypse Strand
General Information
Official name: Apocalypse Strain
Type: Virus
Used by: Apocalypse
First appearance: X-Force Vol 3 4
Created by: Craig Kyle
Chris Yost
Clayton Crain



The Apocalypse Strand was a strain of the Techno-Organic Virus that Apocalypse had mastered through his knowledge of the technology of the Celestials. Infected beings possessed cells that were neither Human nor Mutant in origin and were in fact not even organic in nature. Every aspect of a host body was coated with the strand and whilst it fooled the naked eye or even medical instruments into thinking they were organic nature; in truth, they were not. This version of the virus seemingly fed on blood which instigated growth within them and revealing their metallic nature with the loss of such nourishment preventing an infected sample for developing further. The nature of the Apocalypse Strand meant that it was effectively foreign matter within the body which rejected any attempts at healing its host and was capable of regrowing lost body parts in an excruciating manner as well as giving them the ability to trace beings that had stolen the users samples of the virus.

Apocalypse used this virus to infect Angel with the Apocalypse Strain in order to transform the Mutant into Archangel who served as Death in the Horsemen of Apocalypse.

Angels and DemonsEdit

Following the death of Reverend William Stryker, leadership over the Purifiers fell into the hands of his second-in-command Matthew Risman. Among the two tasks given to Risman was the protection of the Oracle and to create a Choir in the war against Mutants. After Bastion was brought back online, Risman had the captured Mutant Wolfsbane mentally programmed so that when she was returned to her comrades - she would target an angelic looking Mutant in order to bring his wings back to a base of The Facility. This led to her violently ripping out the wings of Warren Worthington III whereupon she travelled to Adam Harkin's installation. There, Harkin revealed that the wings were unique as every part of them were coated with the Apocalypse Strand. This sample was used to create techno-organic wings for selected Purifiers who became an elite guard known as the Choir.

In the mean time, the wounded Worthington began experiencing excruciating pain as a result of his lost wings. Elixir attempted to heal the injuries and regrow the wings only to discover cells within his body preventing him from accomplishing this act. In the grips of intense pain and agony, Worthington was seemingly transformed once more into his Archangel persona whereupon he battled X-Force after which he left the scene in order to hunt down the Choir to reclaim his wings. This led to him brutally slaying every member of the Choir before he finally returned back to his old persona except now his mind played host to Archangel that was capable of manifesting at any time.


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